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Wooden Playcentre Accessories

Our climbing frames come with all that's needed to entertain your children, although many customers like to add their own extras to personalise them. You might like to add a ships steering wheel to turn it into a Pirate Ship, or a Basket Ball hoop to practise with.

We have accessories for both our Action Tramps range and our Hout-Land range.
Featured Accessories

Action Tramps - Monkey Bars Accessory

Based around our Monkey Bars design, the sturdy horizontal support beams (9cm x 9cm square) are fitted with substantial ash hardwood rungs 4cm in diameter. One beam is drilled for and supplied with TWO PAIRS of swing hangers should you wish to attach swings to the Bars. The measurements show the attachment of the Monkey Bars Accessory to the Gate Lodge and Twin Arundel, and also apply to the Single Arundel, Helmsley, Carisbrooke and Twin Monmouth. If your children are over 8 years of age and you have 2 swings attached we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that a pair of our ground anchors be attached to the ends of the lateral stabiliser (the ladder end of the bars) for additional safety.

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action tramps monkey bars

Hout-Land Sandbox

All kids love to play in sand, so why not add a sandbox to your choice of play tower ? It's the alternative to the beach and the dunes. Your children can do so much with a sand pit; from baking cakes to buiding sand castles. All these sandpits come with the geotextile material needed. All you have to do is provide the sand and the buckets and spades ! You might like to consider adding a cover to keep the sand from any unwanted debris. Make your selection below.

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hout land sandbox

Action Tramps - Green 2.5m Wavy Slide

Heavy duty one-piece HDPE slide with a smooth positioning edge for correct placement on the platform. Attaches to the platform with two countersunk screws (not included). Width at the top of the slide is 500 mm. This slide is designed to fit a platform height of 1200 mm (4 foot) and measures out 2200 mm along the ground.

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action tramps slide

Action Tramps - See-Saw

See-Saws have always been fun, and ours have been designed to offer years of sensible use. The main beam is 3m (118") long and 9cm x 9cm (3.6") square, pivoting on a single ash bearing 38 mm (1.5") in diameter. Hidden within the support base is a steel bolt running from one side to the other, providing for a strong pivot support structure. The two shaped seats are made from a waterproof material similar to bakelite, whilst the two handles (38mm (1.5") are large enough to give a feeling of security and comfort when holding on.

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action tramps see saw

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