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Action Tramps Wooden Climbing Frames

These are quite literally the next generation climbing frames. Action Tramps have been specialist manufacturers and distributors of wooden climbing frames throughout the UK since 1987. They only supply tried and tested Australian and European climbing frames designs subject to their own rigorous in-house quality control.

We are one of the most successful retailers of this superb range of Wooden Climbing Frames made by Action Tramps. We can supply any climbing frame offered by Action Tramps to all our visitors with loads of cheap accessories. Not only have we managed to save you money on the suggested retail price of these climbing frames, we're also offering additional accessories at up to 75% off, if ordered with a play centre. This gives you the chance to build the climbing frame to your exact requirement and save money while you do it. Click here to see the full range of accessories.

Designed to blend into your garden, Action Tramps use selected top grade pine (from managed European forests) and as few man-made materials as possible. The seasoned timber is machined square, planed smooth with rounded edges and finished to within 1mm tolerances. All fixing holes and nut recesses are drilled before the timber is pressure-treated, using a non-toxic arsenic-free solution approved for children’s playground equipment.
Featured Action Tramps Wooden Climbing Frames

Action Tramps - Arundel Playcentre

Our entry-level PlayCentre offers all the features needed for a wide range of play activities. Attached to the strong wooden tower is a tall swing-arm with two wooden swings, heavy-duty 3m slide and full-sized commando net. Built into the base of the tower is a sandpit with two wooden seats. We use pressure-treated planed rectangular timber to minimise splits and cracks. Detailed assembly instructions and all necessary fittings are provided to make construction a straight-forward DIY job. Please note that the dimensions supplied correspond to the layout in the photos, and will change if you chose to assemble the unit in a different configuration. This unit can also be specified without the swing-arm if space is at a premium. Extra play value can be provided with the addition of either the Assault Course on the end of the swing-arm, or the attachment of our Monkey Bars accessory.

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action tramps arundel wooden climbing frame

Action Tramps - Monkey Bars

Our Monkey Bars follow the traditional design of sturdy horizontal support beams (9cm x 9cm (3.6") square) fitted with substantial ash hardwood rungs 4cm in diameter. Incorporated is a climbing tower and platform. A generous 8 rung by 4 strand commando net bolts across the tower for maximum play activity and the development of climbing skills. Stability is provided by broad lateral stabilisers at each end of the bars as well as the commando net frame on the tower end. In the interest of safety, we only supply ONE pair of swing hangers. These allow the swing to be placed at either end of the beam, or in the centre. If you wish to fit TWO swings, please ask us to supply another set of swing hangers, but we would STRONGLY SUGGEST that you also purchase a pair of our ground anchors to provide maximum stability. We DO NOT RECOMMEND two sets of swings being fitted where the children would be over 8 years of age. As not every family will require swing(s) on their monkey bars, they are not supplied as standard, but will need to be purchased separately.

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action tramps monkey bars

Action Tramps - Helmsley Playcentre

The Action Tramps Helmsley Play Centre offers all the features needed for a wide range of play activities and includes two decks and a variable swing arm (which can accommodate 1,2 or 3 play activities), 2 wooden swings and hangers and a 2.5m slide. A 3m slide is also available as is a wooden wall which sits between the tower section and the swing arm, a wooden floor and enclosed sandpit area within the floor.

As with all Action Tramps Playcentres, pressure-treated planed rectangular timber is used to minimise splits and cracks. All bolts are galvanised and recessed for safety and appearance. Detailed assembly instructions and all necessary fittings are provided to make construction of the Helmsley Playcentre an easy job.

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action tramps helmsley playcentre

Action Tramps - MadFun Mega Playcentre

We have worked closely with the manufacturers to bring you this exclusive play centre. It brings together the best of the Gate Lodge and the Arundel climbing frames and is only available through

The MadFun Mega Play centre has no equal in terms of quality, features or price. This twin tower unit was designed to provide a get-away space for teenagers, a club-house for 12 year olds and a play-house for little ones, as well as a playcentre with slide, swings, commando net, climbing wall adjoined by a clatter bridge. The Lodge measures 1.8m x 1.8m (6ft x 6ft) with an interior cabin size of 1.8m x 1.2m (6ft x 4ft). At ground level is a fenced wooden floor fitted out with a wooden table 70cm (28") long x 40cm (16") wide and two wooden bench seats 90cm (35") long x 25cm (10") wide. Even with the table and chairs present there is a substantial amount of space available for toy storage or a small sandpit. Outside a 60cm (24") wide wooden ladder leads to the balcony, 1.5m (5ft) off the ground. Wooden railings control access off the balcony. At one end of the balcony is fitted rock climbing wall and the other leads via a clatter bridge to a standard Arundel play centre. The swing-arm is supplied with two adjustable swings with wooden seats.

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action tramps madfun mega playcentre

Action Tramps - Monmouth Playcentre

The single Monmouth (without swingarm) has been designed to provide a playcentre for children of varied ages. The inclusion of a sturdy and attractive wooden staircase allows easy access for very young children to the larger 90cm (3ft) x 120cm (4ft) enclosed platform and 3m (10ft) wavy green slide. Attached to one side of the tower is an 8 rung x 4 strand commando net. Included within the tower base is a sandpit with seats (missing in this photo). Extra play value can be provided with the addition of a swingarm and possibly an Assault Course on the end of it. You could also add the Monkey Bar accessory to this playcentre.

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action tramps monmouth playcentre

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